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High Score 2021: Co-Op

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High Score 2021: Co-Op

Composers and songwriters will have the opportunity to deepen their engagement with the games community and produce exceptional new video games works through High Score: Co-Op, an intensive virtual compositional opportunity that brings together Australian music creators with the local games industry. The title Co-Op comes from co-op gaming, a multiplayer game where people are working together towards a common goal.


High Score: Co-Op will pair up  composers and songwriters with experienced gaming composers, allowing them to create dynamic music for locally developed rhythm game Spin Rhythm XD. The game and its requirements will act as a starting point for the composers and give insights into not only how to compose music for games, but how the music is implemented into the game itself.


Participants of the program will receive a copy of the game with their own music for portfolio purposes, and the developer of the game will have the opportunity to utilise new Australian music in their game, for their next major update/release.


To be eligible for consideration, applicants will have demonstrated:

  • That you are an APRA AMCOS member;
  • That you are available to participate in this project on the 8th and 9th of October;
  • Interest in collaborating with other established and high-profile composers and producers;
  • Evidence of active music engagement within the past two years, including projects scheduled for release within the 12 months prior to the Co-Op;
  • That you have the following technical requirements to participate
    - Active internet
    - Audio editing software, webcam.
  • That you agree to the 'Nashville rule' (equal song splits between writers) for any works created during your session.